About Us

Navis media es una empresa especialista en la instalación de sistemas audiovisuales y de telecomunicaciones, la combinación de ambos sectores hace de nuestra empresa un valor seguro.

For years we have digitized hundreds of shops, with the installation of displays, videowalls and large format LED screens, as well as the installation of sound systems in larges paces and retail, based on the individual needs of a project and always relying on our own knowledge.

We are installers, manufacturers and maintain our own mounting solutions.

We design and manufacture tailor-made products for each client, including any product related to the digitization of their trade or business.

Specialists in industrial design of digital media such as information kiosks, OPPIs, electronic to tems, furniture for video equipment for conferences, etc. 

In the telecommunications sector, we are installers authorized by the Ministry, we carry out installations of structured cabling, fiber, CCTV security, access control, temperature control, antennas, video intercoms, Wi-Fi / WiMAX networks, 4G / 5G mobile telephony networks, etc. 

For any services above, we offer an excellent maintenance service.

Our success is based on the complete customization of the projects of each of our clients according to the priorities and requirements of the projects, providing differentiation and exclusivity.

If you have an idea, we make it work!

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